Does Travel Widen The Mind?

For many people the idea of traveling the wider world is just a dream. For business travelers it’s a daily reality, But aside from meeting business obligations why on Earth would anyone want to leave the comfort of their own homes and travel to places which might be uncomfortable to them?

For travelers from the Western world – especially those who will be visiting what used to be called the ‘Third World’ and now is perhaps more appropriately called the ‘ Developing World’ the experience can be a frightening one.

Those travelers will be faced by conditions that are completely outside of their experience. New foods, hospitality experiences that may not meet those that they expect. New languages. New cultures. New sensory experiences.

But there is one thing that will not change for anyone who travels. You will experience things that are out of your typical worldview.

They may be shocking, but they will also be enlightening.

Travel to far flung places across the globe will allow you to experience things that you have never – and would never experience in your home country. That food you are eating may seem foreign – and perhaps odd – but the hospitality you will feel from those you share that food with will stay with you for the rest of your life.

There are only some simple rules.

Be polite. Listen, don’t talk – find a guide or a friend who will gently take you among those you wish to spend time with. They are as interested in your life as you are in theirs. Watch and learn. And never refuse hospitality.

If you travel with an open mind your mind will become even more open. And the lessons that you learn can be shared.

There is no travel experience that is not worth the effort. If you prefer a tent and a camping holiday or a five start experience there is always that golden rule. Be kind, be courteous and be curious.

People always want to share in their culture and the world around them. If you open your mind you will see true beauty and wonder. Close your mind and you will not learn and grow.

Travel has never been easier than it is today. The sheer cost of exploring has never been lower. Low cost airlines mean that we can reach places that for so long have been only a dream for those who want to explore.

The world is completely open for those who want to experience new horizons. New cultures are waiting for those who want to embrace new ideas. The only challenge is yourself. To open your mind to new places can be something that is difficult – but it is as easy as a smile.

Travel widens your mind and leaves you with a terrible disease – a virus which wants you to go again. To explore more. It’s a virus that you should accept and embrace. Don’t fight it – just travel to where your mind takes you.

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